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How to Request Medical Examiner Casefile Records from the OCME

Use the above menu options to request medical examiner (ME) casefile records.

  • Records Requests by Immediate Family / Next of Kin: Use this menu option if you are a decedent’s family member or next of kin.

  • Records Requests by Government Agencies/Organizations:Use the “Records Requests by Other Interested Parties” menu option if you are a member of law enforcement, a law office, a legal organization, government agency, or another organization requesting ME casefile records for investigative purposes.

Note: Records may only be requested by Next of Kin (for instance, spouse or other closest living blood relatives) or authorized Government Agencies/Organizations. Each person requesting an autopsy report should submit only one request. If you want the report(s) to be sent to someone other than yourself (e.g., to an attorney or an insurance company), your request must be notarized.

Requests can take approximately 3 - 6 months to fulfill.