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Family Planning Benefit Program

What is FPBP?

FPBP is a free and confidential New York State program that provides family planning services to teens, women and men who meet certain eligibility requirements, and who are not enrolled in Medicaid.

Individuals who are uninsured, have private health insurance coverage, or are enrolled in the Child Health Plus program and are seeking confidential services can apply.

Individuals who already have Medicaid coverage are not eligible because confidential reproductive health services are already included in their coverage. Anyone can request confidentiality for family planning services at the time of service when visiting with a provider.

For more information, download Get Care. Get Covered. Family Planning Benefit Program & More

Who is eligible?

  • Women, men and teens. You must also:
  • Reside in New York State
  • Meet certain income eligibility requirements tied to household size. View infographics and tables to see FPBP income levels

How to Apply

You can go to a Family Planning Services Provider for a presumptive eligibility screening and/or to get an FPBP application and enrollment assistance.

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