Residents can apply for up to 30 positions on the Roundtable, where they will make recommendations on critical aspects of the Transformation Plan, such as lease enforcement and quality of life, safety and security and more.

NEW YORK – NYCHA announced today that it is establishing a Resident Roundtable, in which residents will be able to give input on the Transformation Plan and its implementation.

The Resident Roundtable will launch in June and consist of approximately 30 residents, reflective of the full demographics of NYCHA’s diverse population and representing each of the Authority’s Neighborhood portfolios.
“This Resident Roundtable is crucial because it allows resident input in the design of the implementation process of the Transformation Plan,” said NYCHA Chair and CEO Greg Russ. “The only way forward is by ensuring that all stakeholders have a voice as we change NYCHA’s processes and management.”

The Roundtable will make recommendations to NYCHA on critical aspects of the Transformation Plan, such as lease enforcement and compliance; quality of life and stewardship; safety and security; feedback channels and quality assurance; and other areas, identified by both residents and staff.

The Citywide Council of Presidents (CCOP), the official citywide NYCHA resident organization, will appoint five residents to the Roundtable and the remaining positions are open to all NYCHA residents.

Each Roundtable member will serve for two years in that position. Members will be required to attend Roundtable and committee meetings; solicit topical input from residents and identify and prioritize new topics; make recommendations on NYCHA policy and programs; advise and actively participate in the implementation of approved recommendations; participate on Transformation Plan implementation workstreams; and participate in other aspects of NYCHA’s work as needed.

Roundtable Information Sessions on April 22 and May 3 and 6:00 p.m. will review the position requirements, compensation and application details. The application period will last from April 19 through May 10th. For more information, visit:





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