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NYC DSS Federal Homeless Policy & Reporting Unit

The role of the Federal Homeless Policy and Reporting (FHPR) Unitat the New York City Department of Social Services (DSS) is to support grantees who receive federal HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) funding. The DSS FHPR Unit oversees the submission of annual HUD reports, the annual funding application process, assisting providers in ensuring their annual renewal applications are complete and meet HUD, CoC, and local priorities:  

  • Policy - FHPR is the Collaborative Applicant for the CoC, coordinating citywide applications for homeless housing and service funding. In this role, FHPR:
    • Oversees the NOFA process, annual evaluations, and contract monitoring.
    • Researches and responds to HUD policies.
    • Manages project/program performance portfolios which consist of rating, evaluation, and submission.
  • Reporting – FHPR is the HMIS lead agency. In this role, FHPR:
    • Responds to federal reports on behalf of the CoC.
    • Monitors and improves data quality within the NYC HMIS data warehouse. Provides oversight of HMIS data standards and provide HMIS focused training.

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  • Policy

Martha Kenton – Executive Director, Continuum of Care

Charles M. Winkler – Deputy Director, Continuum of Care

Jonathan R. Martinez – Deputy Director, Community Engagement and Partnerships

  • Reporting

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NYC CoC Co-Chairs

Kristen Mitchell - Associate Commisioner, Homelessness Program Innovation & Intergovernmental Reporting, NYC Department of Social Services (DSS)

Alyson Zikmund- Executive Director of Policy & Rental Assistance, Office of Development - NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)