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Unmanned Aircraft (UA) Permits

A permit is required in order to take-off or land any FAA-registered, FAA-compliant UA lawfully within the City.

The NYPD, in partnership with the Department of Transportation (DOT), reviews these permit applications and either approves or disapproves them.

If you have questions about or wish to apply for a Permit for Take-Off and Landing of Unmanned Aircraft (drone), please visit

Sidewalk Sheds

Sidewalk sheds are temporary structures built to protect people or property during construction, demolition or remediation work. The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) provides the Active Sidewalk Shed Permits map which is a planning tool as you scout and pre-plan your locations.
For a list of currently permitted Sidewalk Sheds see the Active Sidewalk Shed Permits map.


Before doing anything, ask yourself, "Do I Need a Permit?". A permit is no longer needed if you are using ONLY a camera and tripod, along with any handheld equipment - AND if filming activity does not involve the assertion of exclusive use of City property AND does not request parking privileges for its vehicles.
More about permits for Students

International Productions

This information has been compiled for the convenience of non-U.S. based individuals and production companies wishing to shoot a film or video project in New York City. When applying for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa, there are two government agencies which you will work with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and the U.S. Department of State.
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Red Carpet Premiere Permits

The Film Office processes permits for all red carpet, film, television and theatre events. The fee structure will depend on the size and the scope of the event/venue. For example, an event at Radio City Music Hall would be considered large, an event at the Ziegfeld Theatre would be considered medium, and an event at the Chelsea Clearview Cinemas would be considered a small event.
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Calendar of Citywide Events

Are you planning on shooting a film or television production in NYC? Check New York City's official calendar first to make sure your shoot doesn't conflict with a parade, street fair or other City event.
Calendar of Citywide Events