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Letter in Lieu of Permit

Certain kinds of filmmaking and photography activity on exterior public property owned by the City of New York do not require a film permit.* The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment offers a document called a “Letter in Lieu of a Permit" for filmmakers and photographers working on exterior public property owned by the City of New York if (1) their activities meet certain criteria (below) and (2) they are not filming or photographing in a location on the same date and time covered by other permitted activity. Some filmmakers and photographers may wish to carry the letter when they are working on activity that does not require a film permit. (Carrying this letter is an option, not a requirement.) Please contact the Film Office at (212) 489-6710 with questions about when a film permit is required.

(* MOME does not have jurisdiction over private property, property owned by other government entities such as MTA or Port Authority, or State or Federal property. Filming and photography on such property is subject to the applicable government entity's rules and may require a different permit.)

By checking each box below, you certify that your activity meets each requirement below. At the end of the checklist, you may print a "Letter in Lieu of Permit" for your qualifying activity. The letter is valid for 30 days. If you cannot check a box, please visit the application portal for a required film permit.