Getting Your Production Involved in NYC Film Green

Film Green NYC FAQs

Many productions are already engaging in environmentally-conscious practices. MOME will work closely with your production to apply for, and receive, recognition for such efforts.

Once your production receives a NYC Film Green designation, it will receive an NYC Film Green mark of distinction that can be placed in end credits and in any marketing and promotional materials in connection with the production. Productions that have demonstrated exceptional efforts in on set sustainability will have the opportunity to receive additional recognition from MOME.

NYC Film Green assesses efforts by productions to engage in sustainable production practices that fall under the following general categories:

  • Waste reduction: TV and film productions are encouraged to reduce their waste output through waste diversion efforts such as donations, recycling, waste composting, sustainable set design, and limiting purchases of disposable items.
  • Energy conservation: NYC Film Green encourages energy conservation by recognizing various efforts, such as hybrid vehicle rentals, use of LED lighting, and the use of sustainable transportation for crews.
  • Education: Education and awareness is a consistent element of any NYC Film Green production through pre-production trainings of all producers and staff, as well as production-related departments. All aspects of greening a production, from sustainable vendors to on-set best practices, will be discussed with production staff. Participating productions will engage PAs on set to coordinate and track sustainability efforts.

In order to obtain NYC Film Green designation, productions will have to engage in sustainable practices before, during and after shooting, including the following:

Pre-Production Phase
  • Enrollment in the program
    • Tracking information via accounting data
    • Crew education and training
    • Contracting with sustainable vendors (e.g., waste disposal, caterers, transportation)
    • Developing sustainability plan, based on needs assessment meetings conducted with all departments, including off-production departments
Production Phase
  • Coordinating sustainable behavior in the specified target areas
  • Utilizing PAs and/or consultants to track waste reduction efforts
  • Preparing halfway report: Evaluating success of sustainability efforts halfway through production and adjusting behavior where necessary
Post-Production Phase
  • After wrap, verifying submitted information
  • Productions submit documentation to verify their sustainability claims
  • Reviewing invoices from vendors, accounting data, reports, etc. Every production enrolled in NYC Film Green will be responsible for documenting their participation, and MOME will review documents to verify compliance before awarding the NYC Film Green mark of distinction.