"Made in NY" Discount Card: Information for Vendors

What is the "Made In NY" Discount Card?
The "Made In NY" Discount Card opens an opportunity to great savings and special offers for film industry professionals at many of New York City’s most popular retail and service establishments, including hotels, restaurants, car rentals, health clubs and more! The more you use the "Made In NY" Discount Card, the more you save.

Who is eligible for the "Made in NY" Discount Card?
Bona fide production crews shooting in New York City who have a valid permit and/or insurance on file with the Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting:

Film and Television
  • Film
  • Television
  • Documentaries
  • Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Still Shoots

Bona fide productions in New York City. A production must meet one of the following criteria.

  • funded by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs or
  • produced by a nonprofit theatre company with tax-exempt 501c3 status or
  • produced by a member of A.R.T./New York or
  • listed in a current issue of the Theatrical Index.


How do I get a "Made in NY" Discount Card?
It’s easy – and free! Once you have submitted a permit application, download the "Made in NY" Discount pdf from the Permit Summary page and present to participating vendors. Or, your production representative may request cards from an Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting Permit Coordinator. Once the application form is filled out, and the permit is issued, a specific number of cards will be given to the production based on the type of production (ie: film, television, commercial, music video) and general crew structure. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing.

How do I obtain a discount or special offer using the "Made in NY" Discount Card?
First, refer to our list of participating vendors which is continually refreshed on our website. Simply show the Card or "Made in NY" Discount pdf at any of our participating vendors to receive the discount or special offer at the point of sale. Some of our participating vendors do transact business via phone and/or on-line (ie: hotels). If this is the case, mention that you are a "Made In NY" Discount Card Holder and be prepared to present your card upon request.

Does the "Made in NY" Discount Card Expire?
Yes. The expiration date corresponds with the project’s New York production schedule.

Directory of Participating Vendors

Accounting Services
Locations Rental Space
Animals Handlers
Manufacturing Materials and Supplies
Banking Services
Marine Water Services
Books Magazines
Medical Services
Camera, Grip Lighting
Moving, Storage Trailers
Casting Talent
Museums, Galleries Tours
Music, Audio Sound
Computers Electronics
Office Supplies Services
Construction Set Design
Payroll and Personnel
Digital Effects
Production Companies
Dry Cleaners
DVD Authoring Production
Post Production and Training
Entertainment Nightlife
Recycling, Waste Removal Cleaning Services
Event Planning Marketing
Scenic Supplies
Exercise Fitness
Flowers Gifts
Software and Internet Services
Food Restaurants
Spa Massage
Groups Associations
Stock Footage Photography
Hair Makeup
Transcription Translation Services
Hardware Tools
Transportation (Air)
Transportation (Ground)


Download the "Made in NY" Discount Card Mobile Application from iTunes

download on the app store

The "Made in NY" Discount Card Mobile Application, created by developers WFT Productions, helps users find vendors who participate in the "Made in NY" Discount Program. With around 1,000 vendors participating in the program, "Made in NY" cardholders can use this app to easily find the right vendor for their needs.

-Easily find & contact vendors
-Search by current location or zip code
-Filter by category and distance
-Around 1,000 vendors in database
-View vendor details, web site, discounts and more.

The "Made in NY" Discount Card provides discounts and special offers to entertainment professionals involved in bona fide film, television and theatre productions in New York City. Over 30,000 cards have been handed out as part of this program run by the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. The mobile application is available for use on iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.