Tenant Support Resources

Know Your Tenant Rights with PEU

The Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit’s Tenant Support Unit (TSU) educates New Yorkers about their tenant rights. Join us! By sharing our Know Your Rights Campaign, you can help spread the word about different tenant rights and ultimately build a stronger community with access to resources.

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Tenant Helpline Live Calls

The Mayor's Public Engagement Unit (PEU) has launched an important new resource for New Yorkers: a live operator Tenant Helpline. Please help us spread the word about the Tenant Helpline and our live call system!

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The Tenant Helpline: We're here to help!

Housing Benefits for Older New Yorkers and New Yorkers with Disabilities

There are housing benefits available in NYC to help older New Yorkers and New Yorkers with disabilities save money and live securely in their homes. Learn more about these programs and help PEU spread the word about our free enrollment support!

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Freeze your rent! Eligible New Yorkers with disabilities and older New Yorkers can stop their rent from increasing with the City's Rent Freeze program. Call PEU's Rent Freeze Hotline at 929-252-7242. Illustration of an older woman watering plants in her apartment window and a person in a wheelchair on a balcony next to a guitar.

Tenant Support Unit Social Media Toolkit

TSU provides assistance to New Yorkers who may be experiencing landlord harassment, are at risk of displacement, or need to make home-related repairs. Help spread the word about free tenant support for New Yorkers!

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Tenant Helpline

In April 2020, the City launched the Tenant Helpline to serve as a one-stop shop to inform New York City tenants about their rights and connect them to housing-related resources, including free legal services. Call 311 and ask for the Tenant Helpline to be connected!

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Questions about your lease? Are you behind on rent? Are you in housing court?

Right to Counsel

You don't have to fight eviction alone. In NYC, thousands of tenants have the right to a lawyer when facing an eviction case.

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Illegal Lockouts

Lockouts are illegal. All tenants have the right to stay in their home unless they choose to leave or are evicted through a court process.

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At Risk of Eviction? Do not self-evict! Call 311 and ask for the Tenant Helpline to get free legal advice.