Mental Health & Health Insurance

GetCoveredNYC Specialists are here to make sure that enrolling in health insurance is easy to navigate and once you GetCoveredNYC, easy to understand and use.

GetCoveredNYC collaborates with our partners to make sure:

  • You know to enroll in health insurance if you are uninsured
  • You know how to use your health insurance to access mental health services

To make it easy to navigate, we are here to help!

1. If you need health insurance, reach out to GetCoveredNYC for one-on-one support. Contact GetCoveredNYC

2. If you have insurance and want to learn more about using your coverage to access mental health services, visit the Human Resource Administration's Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access' resource called “Getting Behavioral Health Services," or review the links below to find a guide that corresponds to your current health plan:

3. If you want to learn more about when to reach out to a care provider for mental health services, the Mayor’s Office of Community Mental Health has a guide here to help!

Graphic with text that reads: Mental Health Support -- You are not alone. You can access mental health support with health insurance and there are services available to help you navigate the process.