Equal Opportunity Notice

Equal Opportunity Notice

The Committee seeks to recruit and recommend to the Mayor, from a broad array of candidates reflecting the diversity of New York City, the best-qualified applicants for the office of City Marshal. Toward this end, the Committee has adopted the following policy with respect to the recruitment, evaluation and recommendation of candidates:


The Committee seeks and encourages all interested and qualified persons to apply for appointment to the office of City Marshal.

In order to recruit a broad array of candidates reflecting the diversity of New York City, the Committee publicly announces and widely disseminates information regarding the application procedure and the qualifications for appointment. In addition to posting that information on the City's web site, www.nyc.gov, the Committee distributes it to a broad range of newspapers and academic, professional, and community organizations, including those serving minorities and women.

The Committee welcomes inquiries, invitations, and suggestions from academic, professional, and community organizations interested in informing their members and communities about the opportunities for appointment as New York City Marshals (bearing in mind that City Marshals are not City employees and do not receive salaries). If requested, the Committee will use its best efforts to make a Committee member or representative available to speak to academic, professional, and community groups about the application procedure and qualifying criteria for appointment to the office of City Marshal.

Nondiscrimination in Evaluation of Applicants

The Committee provides equal opportunity to all qualified applicants. The Committee bases its evaluations of applicants and recommendations to the Mayor upon the qualifying criteria that the Committee establishes and publishes pursuant to State law and not upon the race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation of any person.