eCertification is an online application which allows validly registered property owners and managing agents to certify New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) violations and Housing Quality Standards (HQS) failures online! HPD's eCertification is free to enroll in and use! Save time and money, and notify HPD immediately of a correction to a violation or failure condition!

A building's Property Registration must be current, and only named owners, officers, or agents are eligible to enroll for eCertification. Enrollment will remain active for as long as a building remains validly registered. Please note that lead violations are not eligible for eCertification.

Apart from the initial enrollment form, eCertification is truly a paperless process. Once HPD receives a valid enrollment, an owner or agent will be able to eCertify violations immediately by simply logging on and selecting the violations to be certified (entering the same information currently required on the paper certification form).

Although HPD will continue to mail Notice of Violations and accept paper submission of Correction of Violation forms, eCertification will reduce the use of paper and save money on postage, printing, notary fees, and other administrative fees.

To get started, you will first need to create an HPD User Account. This account will also enable you to access other services offered by HPD.



If you have questions about the eCertification process or are experiencing technical difficulties with eCertification, you may contact HPD at or (212) 863-5414.

To obtain an Application to Invalidate eCertification Enrollment, please email HPD at or call HPD at (212) 863-5414. Please include the borough and address of the enrolled property in your email or telephone message. Only a person listed as a responsible party or the individual owner can invalidate an eCertication Enrollment.