About Code Enforcement

About Code Enforcement


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You can schedule an appointment online to speak with a representative from HPD’s Code Enforcement office either virtually or by telephone. While we pilot this new service, we are offering a limited number of time slots. We may adjust the number of time slots offered based on demand.

Services Available by Appointment

  1. Complaints
  2. Violations (certifications)
  3. Dismissal Request
  4. Mold/Pest (documentation to remove violations)
  5. Lead Violations (Defect Status, Exemptions, and Contestations)

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Housing Maintenance Code

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The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) protects the quality and affordability of our city by rigorously enforcing the New York City Housing Maintenance Code, which covers heat and hot water, mold, pests, gas leaks, fire safety, and more. Our inspectors work tirelessly to keep tenants safe and hold building owners accountable, performing over 500,000 inspections annually.

We proactively use a variety of other Code Enforcement tools to address building conditions, from performing owner outreach to bringing cases in Housing Court to performing emergency repairs. Learn more about Property Management.

Tenants and property owners should be aware that, on every inspection, a Housing Inspector will issue violations for the following nine conditions if they exist:

  1. Lead-based paint hazards (if a child under six lives or routinely spends more than 10 hours in the unit)
  2. Carbon monoxide detectors missing
  3. Smoke detectors missing
  4. Window guards missing (if a child under 11 lives in the unit)
  5. Apartment of public area doors do not self-close
  6. Illegal window gates
  7. Double-cylinder locks
  8. Mold
  9. Pests

For more information on these nine conditions and related topics, please review the ABCs of Housing.

Housing Inspectors will also issue violations for any conditions that they observe that does not comply with the applicable housing laws.