Adminstration for Children's Services

The Administration for Children's Services provides nutritious meals to all youth in our care. Our Nutrition and Food Services Department carefully crafts and plans out menus for our sites with seasonally fresh and locally sourced food. In addition to meeting federal regulations, meals are prepared to meet the New York City Food Standards. Our team goes above and beyond to promote healthy eating and lower the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease among all New Yorkers, including the children and youth in our care. After the menus are finalized, meals are prepared daily from scratch. At all ACS sites, youth are served three meals per day, where fresh fruit is always offered, as well as an evening snack after the dinner meal. We strive to make water the beverage of choice by not offering sugar-sweetened beverages. Meal Alternate is served with all components to make a complete meal. Peanut Butter and Jelly or Cream Cheese and Jelly is also available at all meals. Water is available at meals and snacks and throughout the day. Our Winter Menu is in effect until March 22, 2024.