The Office of Food Policy is a Mayoral office under Sheena Wright, deputy mayor of New York City for Strategic Policy Initiatives The Office works to advance the City’s efforts to increase food security, promote access to and consumption of healthy foods, and support economic opportunity and environmental sustainability in the food system. The Office works across city agencies, including the Department of Education, Department of Corrections, Department of Social Services, The Department of the Aging, and several others to develop, and advance innovative food policy The Office is critical in integrating an equity frame into food policy priorities and solutions. To accomplish this mission, the Office acts as a thought leader, facilitator, and convener, playing a lead role in: :

  • Providing guidance to the Mayor, Deputy Mayors, and City agencies regarding food policy positions and legislation. 
  • Leading the development and driving successful delivery of cross-agency initiatives that continue to place New York City on the cutting edge of food policy.
  • Advising and coordinating City agencies and Mayoral offices, to ensure a systems approach to food policy initiatives.
  • Advancing the administration’s goal to reach a more equitable, sustainable and healthy food system by 2031.
  • Creating partnerships with advocates, nonprofit and community organizations, academic institutions, and private industry to further carry out its mission.