Doing Business with NYC

Vendors who wish to do business in NYC and businesses who wish to provide goods or services to NYC have important guidelines to follow. Vendors must apply for tax clearance before applying for licenses.

Businesses wishing to provide goods or services to NYC can view open bid solicitations on line and submit a bid. 

Vendors who wish to sell Wholesale Cigarettes must comply with licensing and tax stamp laws.


Street Vendor Permits & Tax Clearance
Wholesale Cigarettes

The Department of Finance regularly reviews City vendors for unpaid docketed Environmental Control Board (ECB) judgments and New York City business tax warrants. If a vendor fails to resolve the unpaid judgment(s) within 15 days of being notified by DOF, we will withhold payments to the vendor and may proceed to offset funds from pending payments until the vendor resolves the debt.

Pay what you owe:

Request a payment plan:

If you would like to request a payment plan, please contact the Department of Finance using one of the methods listed below. Please note that interest will continue to accrue on the amount owed until the debt is paid in full.