FDNY shares new public service announcement about uncertified lithium-ion batteries

October 20, 2023

Today, Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh announced the release of a new FDNY public service announcement (PSA). In the PSA, the Department reminds viewers that uncertified lithium-ion batteries are illegal in New York City.

“We have been imploring local retailers, Amazon and others to stop selling these unsafe batteries, but until they do, these batteries will unfortunately find ways into the homes of New Yorkers,” said Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh. “We often find consumers have purchased uncertified batteries without even knowing they have done so. We implore everyone to make sure devices in your home are certified and used safely.”

The PSA stresses that uncertified lithium-ion batteries have not been rigorously tested to meet national safety standards. In addition, it reminds viewers that in New York City, all battery-powered micro-mobility devices must be certified by an accredited testing laboratory in compliance with national safety standards.

This PSA continues the work of the FDNY to raise awareness of the dangers posed by improperly used lithium-ion batteries.

The PSA will run on FDNY digital and social media platforms, and can be downloaded for public use from YouTube

Uncertified lithium-ion batteries, like the one that was used on this micro-mobility device, are illegal in New York City.