Community Presentations

Community Presentations

The Family Court Division of the New York City Law Department serves as the Presentment Agency in Juvenile Delinquency proceedings. We believe that community engagement is an essential part of our role and we strive to create partnerships, promote public safety, and provide information about the work of the division on behalf of New York City.. To accomplish these goals, Members of our attorney and community coordinator  staff provide presentations to students, parents, organizations, youth groups, tenant associations, etc. on our role in juvenile delinquency cases as well as in interstate child support matters.

For youth audiences, we provide interactive presentations that provide information on the juvenile delinquency system, social media and bullying. Our presentation can be tailored to include sample fact patterns designed to teach students about the legal process and court proceedings, explain the concept of acting in concert, and the importance of mindfulness and  making positive choices. Our presentations provide a unique experience for the students, who are given the opportunity to speak with Presentment Agency attorneys and staff who have first-hand knowledge of the juvenile justice system and how it pertains to New York City's youth. For parents and other adults interested in this topic, we provide presentations that explain the Family Court process and can provide materials for parents on crime prevention, , counseling services, and other community-based services.

Furthermore, our agency is also responsible for handling interstate Paternity, Parentage and Child Support cases. In handling these child support cases, we interact daily with child support agencies, law offices and Courts throughout the country. Our experience and knowledge is transferrable and often applicable to local cases. To further our advocacy for the best interest of children and the overall benefit of our community, we offer a Child Support Presentation geared toward parents.

Our staff are also happy to appear at Career Days to talk about their roles as attorneys or community coordinators  as well as other events to discuss any of the above topics.

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