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NYC Law Department Family Court Division

About Us
    The Family Court Division of the New York City Law Department is committed to promoting the safety and well-being of New York City children and the public.

    This site is a resource for members of the public. Find out how to contact the Family Court Division.

NYC Family Court Division is the second largest and only prosecutorial division at the Law Department. The Division plays a critical role in promoting the well-being of the City's children, families and communities and protecting the general public. The Division is responsible for members of our staff and work done in 30 locations across NYC. Our work is constant because it affects lives, and we work 365 days and nights a year handling all night, weekend and holiday intake at Criminal Court in Manhattan. Our Mission is two-fold: Juvenile Justice and Interstate/International Child Support.

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile delinquency matters involve youth ages 12 to 17 who have been arrested for conduct that would constitute a crime if they were adults, including those cases that have been removed from the Youth Part to the Family Court. Division staff investigate juvenile delinquency matters that are referred to the office by the Department of Probation. After an investigation, a decision is made as to whether a case must be declined and sealed due to a lack of admissible evidence; whether a case is appropriate for diversion services; or whether the case is appropriate for filing in Court. To file a case in Family Court, the law requires a verified petition based on non-hearsay allegations.

Interstate/International Child Support

Attorneys appear on behalf of out-of-state as well as international custodial parent petitioners who are seeking to establish paternity and obtain child support from New York City residents. These cases are referred to our office by the NYS Child Support Processing Center Interstate Central Support Registry; and then to our office by the county Family Courts.

Our Division also assists NYC residents, and a custodial parent who lives in New York City may seek the Unit's assistance in filing for child support from parents who live outside the state and the country. Learn more about this service.