NYC CERT Member Roles

CERT member

After completing basic training, New York City Community Emergency Response Team (NYC CERT) members have the opportunity to become more involved with supporting their communities before, during, and after emergencies. This includes volunteer opportunities, deployments, and advanced training.

If you are a current NYC CERT member, please contact the NYC CERT program for information regarding upcoming opportunities and events.


With more than 1,200 members, the CERT program could not do the work it does without volunteers' support and active engagement. Volunteers are encouraged to take on leadership roles and responsibilities.

Volunteer Leadership

  • Borough Coordinator
  • Chief
  • District Leader
  • Ready New York Liaison
  • Secretary/Recorder
  • Communications Liaison
  • Radio Trainer

Borough Coordinator

  • Provides volunteer input on behalf of their borough's members to CERT staff.
  • Provides administrative support within their borough.
  • Provides support in development of borough-wide drills and exercises.


  • Serves as primary contact for between CERT staff and team members.
  • Works with Borough Coordinators and provide volunteer input on behalf of team members.
  • Manage teams by defining roles, delegating responsibilities, and encouraging training.
  • Schedules regular team meetings.
  • Plans and coordinates outreach for team recruitment and new member approval.
  • Build local community emergency networks and response plans.

Ready New York Liaison

  • Acts as the team's subject matter expert for the Ready New York program and continuing education and presentations.
  • Works with NYC Emergency Management, team leadership, and community emergency network contacts to set up and promote local Ready New York events.
  • Serves as a point of contact to support logistics related to Ready New York events.
  • Maintains team list of trained Ready New York presenters.

Radio Trainer

  • Provides input and guidance on the program's citywide radio program.
  • Offers borough-specific radio training.
  • Serves as mentor for radio trainees.

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