Queens Curbside Composting

Curbside Composting service is available to ALL Queens residents. 

Compost is picked up every week on your recycling day.

Find your collection schedule.

How to Compost

Set out your leaf and yard waste, food scraps, and food-soiled paper at the curb inside a labeled bin with a secure lid or in your DSNY brown compost bin.

  • Extra leaf and yard waste can be put in a paper lawn and leaf bag or clear plastic bag.
  • Twigs and branches can be bundled with twine and placed next to bins and bags.

Bins must be 55 gallons or less with a secure lid. Line with any bag to help keep your bin clean. Order a free composting bin decal.

NOTE: Owners of buildings with 4+ units must provide a storage area and clearly labeled bins for the collection of yard waste. Learn more about composting in larger buildings.

Mandatory separation

  • Leaf and yard waste separation from trash is now mandatory.
  • Separation of food waste and food-soiled paper from trash is now mandatory. The warning period for Queens (and all boroughs as service expands) runs through Spring 2025. Starting Spring 2025, ALL NYC residents will be subject to fines.

What to Compost

We will pick up ALL leaf and yard waste, food scraps, and food-soiled paper. This includes meat, bones, dairy, prepared foods, and greasy uncoated paper plates and pizza boxes.

What Not to Compost

Do not compost trash such as diapers, personal hygiene products, animal waste, wrappers, non-paper packaging, and foam products.

Do not compost recyclable materials. Learn more about what to recycle.

Other Ways to Compost

Food scraps and plant waste can be composted at a Smart Composting Bin or food scrap drop-off site near you.

More Resources

Download Composting decals and signage.

Download a Curbside Composting brochure.