Schools Curbside Composting

Curbside Composting has expanded to every public school in New York City.

Over 1,950 unique schools now receive Curbside Composting service, including ALL NYC Public Schools (NYCPS), and some private and charter schools.

Schools have received training on proper material separation. The separated food waste is put in sealed, rat-proof bins at the curb for pickup five evenings a week.

Schools can access ongoing support from New York City Public Schools to divert waste from landfills.

Follow our composting guidelines for NYC schools.

Read our NYC Guide to Clean and Green Schools.

Public Schools

All Public schools managed by NYCPS receive Curbside Composting service.           

Private Schools

Private and charter schools can arrange for food scrap collection from a private carter if they are ineligible for DSNY Curbside Composting service for schools.

Find out more about licensed private carters approved by the Business Integrity Commission (BIC).