Cooling Tower Inspection Results

Cooling tower systems are used in some buildings to remove heat, often as part of air conditioning or refrigeration systems. Owners of buildings with cooling towers must register their cooling tower with the City. Whenever a cooling tower is operating, building owners must conduct Legionella sampling and compliance inspections every 90 days and perform routine monitoring and maintenance whenever the cooling tower is operating.

The Health Department conducts inspections of cooling towers to make sure that building owners are complying with City requirements. If violations are found during an inspection, the building owner may be issued a summons that is subject to fines.

You can search for cooling tower inspection results by entering either a building's street address or Building Identification Number (BIN). This dataset includes inspection activities by cooling tower system for the current year and the prior three calendar years. There is a six-month lag in posting inspection results due to data review and the typical time for hearing outcomes.

The inspection results reflect the outcomes of hearings held at the Environmental Control Board at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. Violations, if found on inspection, are displayed with a description of the violation. The most serious violations are shown in red, with an asterisk *.

Note: Buildings may have more than one Cooling Tower system - all currently registered systems for selected buildings are listed here) a history of system inspections, click the plus sign (+).


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