Vendor Invoice Processing System (VIPS)

As of April 23rd, 2018, vendors who have supplied goods or provided service for - or on behalf of - the NYC Department of Health are able to submit their invoices for payment through the Vendor Invoice Processing System (VIPS).

VIPS allows vendors to upload and submit invoices for their contracts and purchase orders, as well as monitor the status of the payment(s), check(s) and EFT. Before accessing VIPS, vendors must complete the activation process in the Payee Information Portal (PIP).

To access VIPS, vendors need to use their existing NYC.ID account, or create a new account by registering with NYC.ID. A vendor administrator’s login email address should match their PIP email address.

If you are having technical problems using VIPS, call (347) 396-7956. If you have questions about a contract or purchase order, contact your program liaison at the Health Department.

Watch a tutorial on: