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Veterans Shelter

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Housing Resources for Homeless Veterans

Homeless veterans in need of short-term housing continue from DHS intake/assessment shelters to the VSU, where they receive referrals to transitional housing at one of two veteran-specific facilities: the Borden Avenue Veterans Residence (BAVR), a 243-bed short-term housing facility for male and female veterans, and the Porter Avenue site, an employment-focused facility offering services for 138 male veterans. In addition to providing services tailored toward this special population of clients, such facilities also provide veterans with the added benefit of mutual camaraderie and support alongside their peers.

Service Spotlight

Watch the video below for general information about Services for the Underserved, an organization offering housing, employment, skills-building, treatment, and rehabilitation to New Yorkers in need.

Audio Description: Hopeful music plays as a montage of people playing basketball, gardening, and running in a race plays. 

Text on screen: Opportunity is all around us. In our communities, in our people. When we seize it, opportunity inspires us. Opportunity empowers: us. Opportunity defines: us. Because opportunity unleashes the potential in us all. Service for, developmental disabilities, behavioral health, HIV/AIDS, veterans, Service for: the underserved. S:US Opportunity for all- SUS.ORG

Services for the Underserved

The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program aims to improve very low-income veteran families' housing stability.

SSVF programs provide outreach and case management services and assist participants to obtain VA and other public benefits. SSVF services include:

  • Housing counseling services
  • Legal services
  • Benefits advocacy
  • Childcare services
  • Rental and utility assistance
  • Personal financial planning services
  • Transportation
  • Moving costs