Boating for Anglers

Fishing on Pepacton

Boating for the purposes of fishing is allowed on all reservoirs. Anglers are required to obtain a free DEP Access Permit and all boats, oars and paddles used on the reservoirs must also be steam cleaned by one of the DEP-Certified Steam Cleaning Vendors located across the watershed. If you would like more information about recretional boating (boating for non-anglers), please visit Recreational Boating. To obtain angler maps and learn more about fishing from shore, please visit Fishing.

During the colder months, there are reservoir specific rules for when anglers can take boats out. Please download the Reservoir Ice and Angler Boating Fact Sheet for more information. For answers to commonly asked questions about angler boat tags and DEP Access Permits, please visit Angler Boat Tag FAQs and DEP Access Permit FAQs.

Boat Registration for Anglers

Anglers who want to register a new boat must first obtain a valid DEP Access Permit and then call to arrange for a steam cleaning and registration appointment. There is no cost for these services but they must be performed at one of the DEP Offices before any boat is placed on a reservoir:

  • Ashokan Reservoir: (845) 657-5073
  • Schoharie Reservoir: (607) 588-6231
  • Rondout and Neversink Reservoirs: (845) 334-7152
  • Cannonsville and Pepacton Reservoirs: (607) 363-7009
  • East of Hudson Reservoirs: (914) 232-1309

Anglers will be issued a DEP Boat Tag only after completing a steam cleaning and registration. Download the Angler Boat Tag Application.

Transfer of Fishing Boat Ownership

Transfers are only permitted in OPEN boat storage areas. No transfers are permitted in CLOSED boat storage areas.

In order to transfer a boat, the current boat owner must completely fill out and sign the Angler Boat Tag Transfer Checklist (East of Hudson Reservoirs Only) and Angler Boat Tag Surrender form. These forms must be accompanied by a new angler boat tag application from the transferee (new boat owner). Information on open and closed boat storage areas is available by contacting the Mahopac Boat Office at (914) 232-1309. There are currently no closed boat storage areas on West of Hudson Reservoirs. All forms and instructions are available by downloading the boat ownership transfer request package.

Download the Angler Boat Ownership Transfer Request Package

Closed Storage Area Waiting Lists

Anglers can now apply to be put on a waiting list for all reservoirs where there is at least one closed storage area. This currently applies to most East of Hudson reservoirs. Currently, there are not any currently any closed storage areas on West of Hudson reservoirs.

To reserve a spot on the waiting list, please print and fill out the waiting list application. A waiting list application must be submitted for each reservoir. You can be added for the entire reservoir or you can select up to two preferred boat storage areas, realizing that they will only be contacted if a spot opens up for that area. An individual can only be listed on each reservoir waiting list once.

Waiting list applications can be mailed to:

NYC DEP—Access Permits
Attn: Waiting List
71 Smith Ave
Kingston, NY 12401

Download the Reservoir Boating Waiting List Application

Expired Angler Boat Tag Renewal Form for Anglers

If you have registered a boat with DEP, you may have received a phone call or email informing you that your angler boat tag has expired and must be renewed. To avoid having your boat removed from the reservoir, you must renew your angler boat tag immediately. If you didn’t receive or have lost the renewal form, please download and return the Expired Angler Boat Tag Renewal Form. If your information has changed, you can update the mailing address, phone number and e-mail that we have on record by using our DEP Access Permit system. Download the Angler Boat Tag Renewal Form.

Boat Auctions

We collect rowboats on City-owned lands that have been abandoned or confiscated. Each year we auction off these vessels. View the July 2020 Boat Auction for more information.