Water Debt Assistance Program

Water Debt Assistance Program for Multi-Family Homeowners

Multi-family homeowners who are on the 90-day lien sale list and are currently under threat of foreclosure or mortgage delinquency may apply for the Water Debt Assistance Program (WDAP). Kindly note that this program is only applicable when there is a lien sale. If qualified, DEP will remove the property from the upcoming lien sale and defer the debt until the property is sold, refinanced, or the owner has the ability to pay the debt. However, it is important to note that the debt that is deferred and held in abeyance continues to accrue interest. If accepted into the program, the owner must enter into a binding agreement with DEP stating that the debt is valid and will be paid on or before the sale, transfer or refinancing of the property. In addition the owner must agree to pay all current and future charges on time or the agreement may be voided and the property will be included in a subsequent lien sale.

WDAP Eligibility Criteria

Properties must have more than $2,000 in overdue water and sewer bills outstanding for at least a year, and must have received either a “Pre-Lien Sale Warning” letter or been placed on the 90-day lien sale list.

Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Tax Class One property (excluding single-families)
  • The property is owner-occupied
  • The owner is not already enrolled in the Water Debt Assistance Program
  • The owner has received formal notifications of serious delinquency from their mortgage lender
  • The owner must acknowledge the existing water and sewer debt as valid, and all future bills must be paid in full or the property will be included in a subsequent lien sale
  • The owner must enter a binding agreement that the water and sewer debt will be paid in full on or before the property is sold, transferred, or refinanced
  • The owner must be deemed as qualified through a means-test, which will evaluate the owner’s full financial picture to determine their ability to pay the debt

WDAP Enrollment

To determine eligibility, property owners must complete a WDAP Customer Participation Application Form. Completed forms should be brough to one of our borough offices so that we can evaluate it. In addition to the application, owners must bring the following documents to the borough office:

  • Valid government-issued photo identification
  • Proof of mortgage delinquency
  • Proof of residency (a recent utility bill with name and service address listed)

Once a property owner is accepted into the program, an agreement will be set up between the owner and DEP with terms and conditions required for continued enrollment in the program. Please note that access to your water meter may be required to ensure accurate billing.