Report an Issue

If you have concerns or questions regarding your water and sewer bill, please contact Customer Service. If you are a property owner and need plumbing work done at your property, you should hire a Licensed Master Plumber. To report other non-emergency related issues, please call 311 or file a 311 report online.

If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 911.

Why Contact 311?

Filing a report with 311 is easy and helps us to quickly and efficiently follow up on your concern. Contacting 311 not only ensures that your report will be routed to the right city agency, but it also helps us to monitor and track complaints over time so that we can serve you better.

If you have filed a complaint with 311, use your service request number to check your Service Request Status.

Some common complaints that should be reported to 311 are:

To learn more about some common reasons for observing changes in your drinking water, visit Drinking Water FAQs.