Permit and Review Information System

The Permit and Review Information System (PARIS) is an online platform for Professional Engineers, Registered Architects, and Licensed Master Plumbers to apply for water and sewer permits. This system will replace the Water & Sewer Permitting System (WSPS), in phases, over the next few years. During this transition, users will only need to re-register once to use PARIS.

Existing users must re-register using their existing WSPS email and password. It is crucial that you use the same email address to register with PARIS, or you will have to submit a new authentication form. During future releases of PARIS, users will keep and maintain their login and password.

For guidance on how to use the system:

PARIS Account Registration

To use PARIS, you must set up an online account and submit an authentication form.

  1. If you already have an HFT or WSPS account, use your existing email and password to set up your PARIS account. If you need to set up a new account, visit PARIS and follow the instructions to create an account and profile.
  2. Download and complete the PARIS Authentication Form. All forms MUST be signed, sealed, and notarized. Once completed, email the form to AND mail a hard copy to:

    NYC Department of Environmental Protection
    ATTN: Registrations (BWSO Office of Online Permitting)
    59-17 Junction Blvd, 3rd Fl., Low-Rise
    Flushing, NY 11373

    You will only need to submit this form once to use the PARIS portal.

If you have any questions, call the PARIS/WSPS Support Line at 718-595-3088 or email

Permits Available in PARIS

  • Hydrant Flow Tests (HFT)
  • Water Repair
  • Water Relay
  • Sewer Repair
  • Sewer Relay
  • Tap Permit
  • Tap & Plug Permit
  • Wet Connection Permit
  • Wet Connection & Plug Permit
  • New Sewer Connection
  • Sewer Plug
  • Submit a Tap Card Form (Self-Certification) to close out Repair or Relay Permits (whether the permit was issued through PARIS or at one of the borough offices)

PARIS Features and Capabilities

After registering for an account, you can use PARIS to:

  • File jobs and submit fees online
  • View and search information related to your applications and permits
  • Upload documents
  • View objections and make corrections
  • Download and save approvals and permits

Licensed Master Plumbers who are registered with PARIS can request to receive tap card information over email. For more information about how to request tap records, please go to Request Water and Sewer Records.