Capital Funding Request

Fiscal Year 2024 Capital Funding Requests

DCLA oversees the request process for all funding sources (Borough President, City Council, and Mayoral) for Cultural Capital projects. Please check specific application deadlines for each funding source as they may differ.

Your Borough President and City Council member may have supplemental applications with different deadlines. Please inquire with the appropriate office to determine their needs.

Cultural Capital Funding is available for members of the Cultural Institutions Group and cultural non-profits based in New York City who have received a baseline CDF recommendation through the DCLA Program Services Unit, in one of the past three fiscal years.

Historic House Trust projects are handled by NYC Department of Parks & Recreation (or DPR). Historic House Trust properties should reach out to DPR and elected officials and apply through the "All Other" portion of CapGrants.

To Download FY24 Capital Request Package:

Is your organization one of the 34 members of the Cultural Institutions Group or has your organization received a baseline CDF recommendation from the Department of Cultural Affairs in fiscal years: City FY 2021, 2022, or 2023?