Capital Feasibility Planning (CFP)

FY25 Program

Applications for the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA)’s Capital Feasibility Planning (CFP) Program – known last year as the Capital Pre-Scoping and Feasibility Planning Pilot Program –  are now open for Fiscal Year 2025.

The CFP program will assist two to three selected not-for-profit cultural organizations with 501(c)3 status considering a capital construction or renovation project. The program will identify a path for the not-for-profit cultural organization to successfully define and initiate a capital project or recommend alternative strategies should another path become more desirable. During the program, each eligible organization will work with a consultant, contracted by DCLA, to conduct a review of the organization’s capital needs in relation to its existing operating model and develop a strategy that is scaled appropriately to align the organization’s capital needs with its administrative and fundraising capacity. If selected, organizations will likely begin work with the consultant Fiscal Year 2025.

Criteria for eligibility to apply for CFP include receipt of a CDF Panel Recommendation in FY22, FY23, or FY24 and an operating budget between $200,000 and $1,600,000 (based on FY22 filings).

The applications for FY25 Capital Feasibility Planning Program are now closed.

DISCLAIMER: Participation in the Capital Feasibility Planning program neither guarantees nor precludes organizations from accessing City capital funding.