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Things to Know Before You Apply

Before applying to take an exam for a City job, there are a few helpful things you should know.

Paying the Exam Fee:

You can pay the exam fee online with a major credit card, bank card, or prepaid debit card. You can also pay the exam fee at one of our testing centers with a money order. Exam fees can vary depending on the exam. Under certain circumstances, the exam fee may be waived.

Applicants With a Disability:

The 55-a program allows people with disabilities to be hired for City jobs without taking an exam.

Applicants With a Criminal Record:

The Fair Chance Act prohibits employers, including City agencies, from inquiring or making a statement about an employment applicant's record of arrests and criminal convictions until after the employer has extended a conditional offer of employment to the applicant. The City is an equal opportunity employer.

Applicants Who Are Military Veterans or Active Service Members:

In New York City, eligible and qualified United States Armed Services Veterans can:

For more resources for Veterans, including a government benefits list, visit the NYC Department of Veterans’ Services website.

For active service members, if you missed a civil service exam, part of a civil service exam, or an opportunity for appointment while performing qualifying military service, you may be entitled to compete in a similar exam upon returning from military service. Learn more about this and special military lists in the Civil Service FAQ for Military Personnel.

Pre-Employment Testing

Local Law 91 of 2019 prohibits employers, including the City of New York, from requiring potential employees to submit drug tests for the presence of any tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) or marijuana as a condition of employment. However, this prohibition does not apply to certain positions. These titles are exempt from the prohibition.

Words to Know

Civil service can be complicated, so we have a helpful glossary here that can help clarify the many terms we use.