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What is Civil Service?

Civil service with the City of New York is all about serving your community and your city in your chosen profession. We provide a wealth of career opportunities, a clear path for growth, and great benefits. Over 80% of civil service positions with the City are called competitive class. These jobs require you take an exam to qualify. However, if you have a disability and are a possible candidate for a competitive class job, you may not be required to take an exam. You can find out more about exceptions for people with disabilities on our 55-a Program page.

The Types of Jobs We Offer

As one of the largest local government employers anywhere, we have a wide range of positions available. You may be a good candidate for us if you work in the areas below, which typically require an exam.

  • Administration & Human Resources
  • Communications & Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Constituent Services & Community Programs
  • Engineering, Architecture & Planning
  • Finance, Accounting & Procurement
  • Health
  • Technology, Data & Innovation
  • Legal Affairs
  • Building Operations & Maintenance
  • Policy, Research & Analysis
  • Public Safety, Inspections & Enforcement
  • Social Services