Vendor Instructions

How to do business with DCAS?

1. Register to become a vendor

Register with the Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal PASSPort.

Vendors no longer can enroll in commodities for NYC solicitations through the Payee Information Portal (PIP), although they may still manage their payments through PIP.

New vendors may now select and enroll in commodities using PASSPort. Enrolling in commodities through PASSPort will add your organization to the City's bidders lists.

For procurements valued at $100,000 and under, the City uses the bidders lists along with additional outreach for sourcing vendors.

If you are thinking of becoming a new vendor for the City, we encourage you to begin your PASSPort submission as soon as possible, as it may take some time to complete and be approved.

2. Register to be notified of new procurements

Register with the City Record On-Line (CROL) to subscribe or view bid notices online.

Procurement solicitations over $100,000 are advertised in CROL. CROL is a searchable database of all procurement notices that appear in the printed City Record, the official journal of the City of New York. The site offers registered vendors the ability to view and download current notices and solicitations and an archive of older notices. Registered vendors receive automatic email notification when new solicitations that match the commodity code in their profile are posted.

3. Responding to Bid Solicitations

DCAS's citywide solicitations are available in electronic format via City Record On-Line (CROL). In order to view and download the documents, you must enroll with CROL.

Printed copies can also be picked in person at 1 Centre Street, Room 1860, New York, NY 10007. DCAS may impose a fee of $35 for this service. Payment may be remitted by company, bank check or money orders.

If you have additional questions regarding responding to bid solicitations, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.