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Managing DCAS Facilities

DCAS manages, operates, and maintains 55 City-owned buildings across the five boroughs. As a landlord, DCAS works to provide safe, clean, and energy efficient space for its tenants. The entire DCAS portfolio of buildings totals over 15 million square feet, with more than 50% of the portfolio occupied by City agencies, including the mayor's office, the comptroller, the public advocate, and the borough presidents. The Office of Court Administration occupies the remaining seven million square feet of the portfolio.

To view the portfolio of 55 buildings managed by DCAS, visit the DCAS Managed Public Buildings page.

The various facilities management services DCAS provides include:

Custodian and Maintenance Services

More than DCAS 650 custodians and maintenance workers provide regular interior and exterior cleaning, as well as maintenance services. Services range from trash pickup and restroom cleaning, to pest control, recycling, and minor repairs. The senior building custodian in each DCAS-managed building is considered the facilities manager of the building.

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Mechanical Maintenance and Operations

DCAS maintains, repairs, and operates all of its building system equipment, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, fire suppression, and generators. Stationary engineers and their staff (oilers, high pressure plant tenders, and controls specialists) work to ensure building systems are running efficiently and effectively.

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Fire and Life Safety

DCAS provides fire and life safety services for its buildings, with the goal of protecting all occupants of DCAS-manage buildings. DCAS maintains fire alarm systems and devices, provides fire and life safety equipment and personnel, conducts training programs, and ensures buildings comply with all laws and code requirements.

Contract Services

DCAS oversees contractors who perform maintenance and repairs for its buildings. Contractors help maintain building systems, equipment, doors, windows, and roofs. They also provide exterior landscaping, shedding and scaffolding, and environmental remediation services. Contractors also provide select electrical, plumbing, painting, and flooring services.

Trade Services

DCAS employees a team of skilled tradespeople, including carpenters, plumbers, masons, painters, electricians, and laborers. DCAS trades workers provide in-house maintenance, repair, and emergency work for systems and equipment. They also perform small-scale renovations and execute specialty work, such as fabricating obsolete machine parts.

Energy Programs

DCAS strives to make its buildings as energy efficient as possible and implements energy saving upgrades, including to lighting, building insulation and windows, and mechanical equipment. DCAS tracks and benchmarks energy usage in its buildings to monitor consumption and efficacy of energy reduction programs.