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A screen shot of The City Record homepage representing the 3 modules for the City Record Online: Public Hearings & Meetings, Procurement, Agency Rules, Property Dispositions and Court Notices

City Record

The City Record is the official journal of the City of New York. It is a daily newspaper, published Monday through Friday except legal holidays, that provides information about public hearings, agency rule changes, procurement actions, and contract awards. Published Monday through Friday except legal holidays. The City Record Online (CROL) is a fully searchable database for all notices published in the printed City Record newspaper.


A screen shot of the Welcome screen for the CityStore and includes the entire the site button and an image that includes the Made in NY t-shirt and a book of the same name


The CityStore is the official store of the City of New York. Located online and in two retail stores in Lower Manhattan, the CityStore is the place for everything New York. You will find a complete selection of gifts, books, tees, hats, collectibles, and municipal publications.


A screenshot of the Green Book Online home page the 6 sections of the book City, County, State, Courts, Federal, International

The Green Book

The Green Book is the official directory of the City of New York. The directory provides the opportunity to search for personnel and government office information for City, County, State, Federal and Court officials in two easy to use formats, online and also in print.