Archives - 2003 Reports & Ballot Issues

Archives - 2003 Reports & Ballot Issues

Final Report, Ballot Questions and Abstracts

On August 25, 2003 the Commission concluded its deliberations and voted to place three questions on the November 2003 ballot. The Commission's Final Report, Ballot Questions, and Ballot Abstracts are listed below. The ballot questions were rejected by the voters in November 2003.

Public Staff Reports and Materials

The Voting Rights Implications of Nonpartisan Citywide, Borough President, and City Council Elections and Nonpartisan Succession Elections for NYC Mayor

Memorandum by J. Gerald Hebert, Former Chief, U.S. Department of Justice, Voting Rights Section, On Voting Rights Act Section 5 Preclearance of The Proposal Switch to Non-Partisan Elections in New York City

Election Reform in Jacksonville: Legislative History and Electoral Experience

Reviewing Globally, Analyzing Locally - The Impact of Nonpartisan Elections on Democracy in New York City

Agency Reorganization & Government Accountability - June 26, 2003

Reform for Procurement - June 26, 2003

Nonpartisan Elections - June 26, 2003