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Victims/Alleged Victims


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Race/Ethnicity of Victims/Alleged Victims

SQF by Victims/Alleged Victims' Race/Ethnicity

Gender of Victims/Alleged Victims

Age of Victims/Alleged Victims

What is the race/ethnicity breakdown of victims and alleged victims in CCRB complaints?

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How have complaints associated with stop, question, frisk or search of person (SQF) changed over time by the race/ethnicity of victims or alleged victims?

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What is the gender breakdown of victims and alleged victims associated with a CCRB complaint?

Note: In December 2015, the CCRB added an option to voluntarily disclose a non-binary gender identity when filing complaints.

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What is the age range of victims or alleged victims in complaints received by the CCRB?

Note: A random sample was taken of victims and alleged victims that ranged in age from 1 to 10 years old. Many complaints originated from incidents where subject officers entered the victims’ residence and children were present.

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