By Phone

CCRB’s Hotline

To file a complaint, you can call the CCRB's hotline Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm and speak directly to an investigator: 1-800-341-2272 (CCRB). After 5pm and on weekends, you can leave your complaint on voicemail. Be sure to give contact information where you can be reached during regular business hours. An investigator will call you back promptly. Free interpretation service is available.

Check the Status of a Complaint

You can either check your complaint status online or call 1-800-341-2272 (CCRB)

File a Complaint Anytime or Outside New York

Call 311 to file a complaint anytime 24/7. If outside New York, call 1-212-NEW-YORK

General Information 

To ask general questions: 212-912-7235

Community Outreach Unit

You can either request a Community Outreach presentation online or call 212-912-2093

Mediation Unit

Mediation Unit: 212-912-7201

Press Inquiries

You can either make a media inquiry to the CCRB Press Office  online or call 212-912-7200