Salary Transparency in Job Advertisements

Effective November 1, 2022, the NYC Human Rights Law requires employers to include a good faith pay range in all job advertisements. NYC's Salary Transparency Law is another step towards pay equity for all New Yorkers, and is the latest addition to a suite of protections against discrimination for New Yorkers seeking employment.

Any advertisement for a job, promotion, or transfer opportunity that would be performed in New York City is covered by the new law. An “advertisement” is a written description of an available job, promotion, or transfer opportunity that is publicized to a pool of potential applicants, including, but not limited to, postings on internal bulletin boards, internet advertisements, printed flyers distributed at job fairs, and newspaper advertisements. 

If you experience or witness discrimination, we can help. Contact the NYC Commission on Human Rights to report discrimination on our online form or by calling (212) 416-0197.

Download our Salary Transparency Fact Sheet for more information about the Law.

Additional Employment Protections

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your salary history won't hold back your next salary
your criminal history does not define you.
you are more than your credit score