2023 Decisions and Orders

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The Commission's Office of the Chair (OC) is responsible for issuing final Decisions and Orders after a trial and interim orders on issues that may arise before trial. After the trial, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) issues a Report and Recommendation, which may include findings of fact, decisions of law, and recommendations on damages and civil penalties. The OC reviews the matter, including the trial transcripts, evidence presented at trial, ALJ's Report and Recommendation and any post-trial comments or objections de novo, and then issues its Decision and Order, adopting or rejecting – in whole or in part – the ALJ's Report and Recommendation.

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Commission on Human Rights ex rel. Fernandez v. Gil's Collision Services Inc., November 9, 2023
The Commission granted in part Complainant’s application for attorney’s fees and costs following the Commission’s final Decision and Order in Comm’n on Hum. Rts. ex rel. Liserny Fernandez v. Gil’s Collision Services Inc., May 31, 2023. The Commission ordered Respondents to pay Complainant’s Attorney’s Fees and Costs in the total amount of $35,543.76.

Commission on Human Rights ex rel. Fernandez v. Gil's Collision Services Inc., May 31, 2023
Respondents, an individual and companies he operated and managed, were held liable for gender-based harassment in the form of continuous sexual harassment, as well as retaliation. The Complainant was awarded $275,000 in emotional distress damages. The Commission also imposed a civil penalty of $250,000. The Commission further required Respondents to undergo training on human rights and sexual harassment prevention, post notices of rights, and develop written policies consistent with the New York City Human Rights Law.