Notification & Correction of Unsafe Conditions

Notification of Unsafe Conditions

If at any time an owner discovers an unsafe condition, he/she must:

  • Report the unsafe condition by calling 311
  • If calling from outside NYC call 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675).

If during the course of an assessment the QRWI discovers an unsafe condition, the QRWI must:

  • Report the unsafe condition by calling 311
  • If calling from outside NYC call 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675)
  • Complete the Notification of Unsafe Conditions form (RWIP3) and email it to DOB’s Retaining Wall Unit at within 24 hours of discovering an unsafe condition and before submitting the inspection report
  • Complete the Retaining Wall Inspection Program and submit the report to the Department based on the completed inspection

Correcting Unsafe Conditions

The owner must immediately repair the wall and/or take appropriate measures to secure public safety. Within two weeks of completing the repairs to correct an unsafe condition, the QRWI must:

  • Inspect the premises
  • Obtain permit sign-offs as appropriate
  • Submit an amended report with the revised rating of the retaining wall. Amended report filing fees are also due at that time.

All repairs to correct an unsafe condition must be completed within 365 days of filing a report of an unsafe condition with the Department. See RCNY §103-09(e) for more detailed information.

If Safe with Repairs and/or Engineering Monitoring rating indicated:

  1. If a QRWI determines a retaining wall to be Safe with Repair and/or Engineering Monitoring the QRWI must indicate a time frame within which the recommended repairs should be completed.
  2. The owner of the retaining wall is responsible for ensuring the wall is repaired and restored to a safe condition, and that all actions recommended by the QRWI are completed in the timeframe recommended by the QRWI.
  3. The owner must notify DOB of any deviation from the recommended timeframe and must submit an Initial Extension of Time Request (RWIP1) application to request time or an Additional Extension of Time Request (RWIP2) to request a time extension after the expiration of a previous request. See RCNY §103-09(e) for detailed information.

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