Utility Service Restoration

Gas service is essential to daily living. When this vital utility is shut down, the proper steps must be taken to restore service. To restore gas to your property, the DOB requires the filing of an Emergency Work Notification or a Limited Alteration Application.

What is an Emergency Work Notification?

An Emergency Work Notification (EWN) is a report that must be filed by a licensed contractor (Licensed Master Plumber, Oil Burner Equipment Installer, or Master Fire Suppression Contractor). The EWN allows the licensed contractor to repair an emergency or hazardous condition before a permit is issued.

The EWN expires two (2) full business days after it is issued and requires a Limited Alteration Application to be filed before the expiration date.

The notification must include a description of the emergency/unsafe condition and the actions taken to repair the hazard.

Emergency work includes:

  • repairs to address an emergency or hazardous condition that needs immediate attention
  • restoration of gas for cooking purposes in residential dwelling units or commercial space
  • restoration of heat and hot water
  • maintaining sanitary conditions
  • restoring fire suppression systems to proper working conditions.

The following information must be included in the EWN:

  • address where the work is occurring
  • the nature of the emergency or hazardous condition
  • the licensed contractor’s information.

Make sure the licensed contractor you hire completes all Department of Buildings (DOB) required inspections and obtains sign-off of the completed work. The licensed contractor must request and pass a final sign-off inspection by DOB. In addition, your licensed contractor must schedule and pass inspection with your utility company so site connections can be authorized.

NOTE: DOB randomly audits work performed under an EWN. An EWN can only be filed in DOB NOW: Build.

What is a Limited Alteration Application?

The Limited Alteration Application (LAA) is used for plumbing work, fire suppression piping replacement and repairs, and oil burner installations that do not include construction work. Generally, LAA work is restricted to the repair and/or replacement of existing equipment and does not require a registered design professional (professional engineer or a registered architect) – except for some minor new installations. Make sure the LAA captures the full scope of work performed before it is submitted to DOB. Your licensed contractor must submit an electronic LAA filing within 48 hours of the EWN expiring.

NOTE: Licensed contractors can file a LAA to install minor plumbing work for repairs and replacement appliances.

What you need to do. . .

Hire a Licensed Master Plumber

A plumbing or fuel gas piping system repair can only be performed by a Licensed Master Plumber.

Make sure the proper documents are submitted

All plumbing job filings and permit requests must be submitted in DOB NOW: Build. Paper filings are no longer accepted by DOB. Owners associated with a job filing will need an eFiling account to request a permit or submit a filing. Visit www.nyc.gov/dobefiling to register for an eFiling account. If you already have an eFiling account, use your existing username and password to access DOB NOW: Build. You will need system access to provide approval for the filing.

Resolve any outstanding civil penalties

You must address outstanding civil penalties associated with a work without permit violation before a permit can be obtained. OATH penalties will not interfere with the EWN process.

Get sign-off for DOB inspections

Make sure your licensed contractor completes all the required DOB inspections and submits the gas restoration authorization request in DOB NOW: Build. LAA filings submitted in DOB NOW: Build will be permitted in real-time.

Get sign-off for utility inspections

Make sure your licensed contractor obtains the required inspections from your utility company to authorize site connections.

For more information, contact the LAA Unit by phone at (212) 323-7925 or email at nyc.gov/dobhelp.

DOB Resources

Find a Licensed Professional

DOB encourages anyone hiring a Construction Professional to check both their disciplinary and voluntary surrender records, as well as current license status. The Know Your Construction Professional Directory allows anyone, from homeowners to large development firms, easy access to a single comprehensive catalogue that provides the disciplinary and voluntary license records of construction professionals between 1998 to the present. Use the directory to check the disciplinary and voluntary license records of construction professionals before hiring one.

Limited Alteration Application (LAA) Filing Guide

DOB's LAA Filing Guide has been developed to encourage Code-compliant filings of the LAA1 form. The LAA Filing Guide was created as a reference tool to assist the Licensee in acquiring a LAA Work Permit to ultimately lead to a quicker approval process.

DOB NOW: Build

Using DOB NOW: Build allows you to file jobs, submit fees online, view and search information related to your jobs and permits, upload documents, receive emails at milestones throughout the application process, pull and print work permits, as well as a host of other activities all from the comfort of your home. Go to nyc.gov/dobnow.


Stakeholders (Registered Design Professionals, Licensed Master Plumber and Owners) associated with a job filing will need to first register in eFiling to submit a job filing or permit request in DOB NOW: Build. If previously registered in eFiling, use the existing eFiling username and password to access DOB NOW: Build. Owners are required to access the system in order to provide approval for the filing. Register for an eFiling account at www.nyc.gov/dobefiling.

DOB NOW Public Portal

All permit applications are publicly available and active permits must be posted at the building. Use the DOB NOW Public Portal to track permit applications online. Access the DOB NOW Public Portal at www.nyc.gov/dobnow.

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