Tips & Additional Information


  • Comply with the Construction Codes, Zoning Resolution, and other applicable rules and laws.
  • Always obtain permits when necessary.
  • Work within the scope of your permit. Hire registered/licensed design professionals.
  • Hire registered/licensed contractors. Perform regular or scheduled maintenance on buildings.
  • Comply with required inspection and reporting requirements for façades, boilers, and elevators.
  • Stay current with new requirements by signing up for the Department’s monthly newsletter, Buildings News.

New Owners

If you are a new owner, and not the named respondent, you must also attach a copy of a deed showing the transfer of ownership. Online copies of some deeds are available from the Department of Finance’s Office of the City Register at


The Department’s Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU) reviews all Certificate of Correction submissions and the accompanying documents to determine acceptability. If your Certificate of Correction is approved, the violation will appear as Resolved in BIS. Unless you received a CURE, a stipulation or have admitted to the violation/summons, you may still need to attend an OATH hearing or pay default penalties. Check your violation on BISWEB or contact OATH for hearing information.


If AEU disapproves your Certificate of Correction, you must resubmit your documentation after addressing the reasons for the disapproval provided in the disapproval letter. Common reasons for disapproval are:

  • Additional proof of correction is not submitted (e.g. permits)
  • Respondent is raising a defense to the violation and must appear at OATH
  • DOB Civil penalties are not paid (Class 1 violations or work without permit violations)
  • NOTE:  The violation will continue to appear as ‘Open’ in BIS until acceptable proof is submitted that the violating condition(s) have/has been corrected even if the penalty imposed at OATH has been paid. (Violations/summonses dismissed at OATH/ECB court also show as resolved and do not require certification or payment.)

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