Civil Penalty Review Requests (L2)

BIS L2 Request

If a permit is obtained in BIS, submit an L2 request in DOB NOW. Use an eFiling account to login and select the BIS Options portal. If you need to create an eFiling account, go to Create an eFiling Account.

In the DOB NOW BIS Options portal, select +L2 Request and enter the BIS job and document number. The initial/renewal PW2: Work Permit Application must have the status In Process in the BIS to create an L2 request. The system will populate your L2 request with the active/open violation numbers found in BIS for that BIN. For each violation, select the edit icon and in the new window, provide the selected L2 code and enter any additional required information. Complete all required sections including the Documents and Statements & Signature.

Once the Save button is selected, a Submit button will appear. The request will not be reviewed by a DOB plan examiner until the Submit button is selected and confirmation is given for the request to be submitted. The applicant will be notified via email of any additional contact and the final status of the L2 request.

DOB NOW: Build L2 Request

If a permit is obtained in DOB NOW: Build, request an L2 (Civil Penalty Review) from the Filing Action column of the job on the DOB NOW dashboard. Once the L2 is saved, select View Request to see the civil penalty amount (the L2 Fee).

If you want to pay the full civil penalty, submit payment in-person at the borough office in which the property is located. Provide the cashier with a copy of the PDF that is generated when View Request is selected. Then upload the receipt to the L2 request in DOB NOW. The L2 request then needs to be submitted and approved before the permit can be submitted. To submit a waiver, select the appropriate L2 reason and submit the supporting documents.

To find out the civil penalty amount for a BIS job or a job created in DOB NOW prior to July 1, 2019, submit a PER11 Form to request a fee adjustment.

If a permit is not required to restore the area to the prior legal condition as per 1 RCNY 101-14, use a PER11 Form to receive the civil penalty amount or to submit the L2 waiver request. Include the specific details of why you need the request reviewed by a fee estimator/plan examiner and attach the L2 form, if applicable.

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