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Can I file my PAA (Post to Approval Application) at the Development HUB?

Yes, however, the $100.00 initial filing fee must be paid at the borough where the project is located.

I filed a PAA but the changes are not reflected in BIS, do I have to resubmit my request?

No, once the application is approved you will see the changes to your PAA.

How do I pay my initial filing fees with the Development HUB?

All initial Development HUB fees are paid using the Department's payment portal.

Do I have to fill out a consultation form to get started at the HUB?

Yes, the consultation form is the first step to determining if you can join the Development HUB.

I have several properties that I would like to file with the Development HUB in the same borough; do I have to fill out a consultation request form for each of the properties?

Yes, a separate consultation form is required for each property. The only exception is if there is a shared lot for multiple buildings.

If I have a New Building or Alteration Type- 1 application with the Development HUB, can I file an Alteration Type- 2 or Type- 3 in conjunction with the Development HUB NB/ALT1 application?

All ALT2/ALT3 applications in conjunction with New Building/Alteration Type- 1 Development HUB jobs must be filed through the HUB Self-Service or HUB Full-Service.

I have a No Work Application; can I file with the Development HUB?

No Work ALT1 applications are filed at the borough office with the exception of filings for Tax Lot Subdivision and BIN number creation with the BIS unit for forthcoming New Buildings.

Can I get a permit issued at the Development HUB after approval?

Permits are beyond the purview of the Development HUB as our services end at the point of approval. Please visit the borough office where your project is located.

Technical 'T' items received are only by the Development HUB plan examiner.

Non-technical 'N' items received by borough office clerical staff, excluding the TR1: Dir-14 ID of Responsibility form, which can only be received by Development HUB plan examiner.

How can I obtain a copy of approved plans?

Plans approved through the Development HUB are maintained at the borough office for review or retrieval. Comments and approved drawings will be filed under 'Documents from DOB'.

Can I process Pre and Re-considerations at the Development HUB?

Yes, requests must be emailed as attachments to Only determinations signed and stamped by the Department are to be uploaded via eSubmit.

How do I receive Foundation Approval?

Applicant of Record must comply with Foundation Partial approval requirement – BC 28-104.2.5 Phased or Partial approval from the 2014 Administrative Code. Partial approval can be issued for foundation work. To pull foundation permits prior to having the entire application approved, when filing Doc-01 for the architectural work (zoning, life safety, etc.), select 'Foundation Drawings' under the 'Drawings Submitted' category; Complete PW1 form indicating 'Other – Foundation' for Work Types (Section 6D) and 'OT- Other' for Plans/ Construction Documents Submitted (Section 7).

Can I share documents/ plans during GoToMeeting?

Please ask the plan examiner to make you a 'Presenter'. The Control Panel adjusts to incorporate the 'Presenter Screen Sharing' pane at the top. The screen sharing pane provides the presenter with access to the various presentation controls.

Can my computer receive a virus from downloading the GoToMeeting software or attending the session?

No, neither organizers nor attendees are exposed to viruses simply by downloading software. GoToMeeting monitors for viruses and malware. All downloadable software is digitally signed to prevent tampering by third parties. Customers may see a warning message when installing the software. This message is automatically displayed when downloading executable files and is controlled by the customer's browser settings.

How do I join a GoToMeeting appointment?

Click the link in the invitation. If you have the session ID but cannot access the link you may access the meeting at To enter the session, type or paste the session ID provided to you by the organizer, then click Yes or Always (or Trust on a Mac) if prompted to accept the download.

What are the system requirements to attend GoToMeeting?

You will need to log into eFiling and go to the Manage Account section. From there you can fill out your account information again, submit it, and print the form.

On a PC

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  • Cable modem, DSL or better Internet connection (700 Kbps or faster for HD Faces video conferencing)

On a Mac

  • Safari 3.0, Firefox 4.0, Google Chrome 5.0 (JavaScript enabled) or the latest version of each web browser
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