DOB NOW: Public Portal FAQs

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Does the DOB NOW Public Portal replace the Buildings Information System (BIS)?

The Public Portal will at some point replace BIS but not until all filings have fully transitioned to DOB NOW. Currently, all BIS data is being maintained and continues to be available. While DOB NOW is being implemented, only DOB NOW filings can be found in the DOB NOW Public Portal and filings made in eFiling or a borough office are available in BIS. You can view all filings related to an address on the City’s Open Data Portal.

Does the Public Portal display filings that are in BIS?

No, the Public Portal only reflects DOB NOW filings.

Can violations be viewed in the Public Portal?

The public portal contains violations for failure to file annual boiler inspection reports and Category 1, Affirmation of Correction and Category 5 elevator inspection/test reports. These violations can be searched by violation number, device number, address or BIN. Search the Buildings Information System for any other violation type.

Can complaints be viewed in the Public Portal?

Only COVID-19 complaints related to a Stop Work Order can be viewed in the Public Portal by using the Stop Work Orders Search option. All other complaints remain in BIS.

How frequently is the building profile status updated on the Public Portal?

The Public Portal data is updated in real-time.

Where can I find information on the filings and permits for an address?

Search the Public Portal for DOB NOW filings and BIS for filings made in eFiling or at a borough office. Another alternative is to check the City’s Open Data Portal to view all filings for the address.

Can I export information contained on the Public Portal?

The ability to export data directly from the Public Portal is planned for a future release. In the interim, you can view all filings and export data using the City’s Open Data Portal.

Are jobs in pre-filing status displayed in the Public Portal?

No, jobs in pre-filing status are not displayed in the Public Portal. To see jobs in pre-filing status, log into DOB NOW and use the Job Number Search function.

Are plans visible in the Public Portal?

No, plans cannot be viewed in the Public Portal. You can request DOB NOW plans at the Record Room in the borough office where the property is located. Only people associated with a filing can log into DOB NOW and see the plans.

What kind of Stop Work Orders are found in the Public Portal?

The Public Portal contains only COVID-19 related complaints. You may search for these Stop Work Orders by Address, BIN or Complaint Number. For other Stop Work Orders search the Buildings Information System and contact the unit on the order to request rescission.

What type of Licensees can be found in the Public Portal?

The Public Portal currently contains information about Journeyman, Welder and Gas Work Qualification registrations. You may search by last name, business name, license number or view all/active licensees. For other licensees, general contractors and registrants, search the Buildings Information System.

What type of devices can I search for in the Public Portal?

You can search for registered boilers, elevators, crane prototypes and crane devices for which a filing has been submitted in DOB NOW. The Buildings Information System maintains historical data of Elevator filings prior to December 11, 2017, Boiler device filings that were submitted prior to September 3, 2019 and Crane Device/Crane Prototypes filings prior to March 30, 2020. For more information, see our Boilers FAQ’s, Elevators Safety FAQ’s, Elevator Violation FAQs and our Cranes and Derricks webpage.