AHVs Renewal Guidelines & Fees

AHV Renewals

AHV renewals are not available for projects where the scope of work has changed, the licensee or contractor is no longer in good standing with the Department, or the job application has an issue or concern that requires correction.

AHV renewal applications are based off an approved initial AHV work permit application. AHV renewals are accepted for the same day(s) that was approved as part of the initial request, or a subset of those days. For example, if the initial application was approved for Monday – Thursday, a renewal can be submitted for Monday through Thursday or just Tuesday but could not be submitted for Friday.

The Department has the discretion to limit renewal days at any time. Applicants can view which days are eligible by looking at their initial application in BIS or DOB NOW.

In DOB NOW, AHV renewals must be submitted before the permit expiration date. If this option is not available, open the initial AHV permit application and select Trace History for more information or create a new AHV permit.

AHV Fees

Applicants pay an initial filing fee (see below) as well as a fee of $80 per day for each day of after-hours work.

Filing Fees

Days of Work Fee
1 – 3 $130.00
4 – 6 $260.00
7 – 9 $390.00
10 – 12 $520.00
13 – 14 $650.00

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