Operations Policy And Procedure Notices #08/99



November 22, 1999


Filing For Periodic Inspection OF Exterior Walls And Appurtenances Of Buildings - Local Law 10/80 and 11/98




To clarify the uniform citywide procedure for processing a Local Law 10/80 and 11/98 Inspection report filing.


Building Code of the City of New York: Local Law 10/80 as amended by Local Law 11/98; Rule 32-03 of the Department of Buildings relating to Periodic Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances of Buildings.


Operations PPN# 12/1/96 issued by Barry G. Cox.


Local Law 10/80 was amended by Local Law 11/98. The major changes in this law are the inclusion of all exterior walls of a building above six stories, except those within 12 inches of an adjacent building and the elimination of the precautionary and on going maintenance categories. The new categories are now Safe, Safe with a Repair and Maintenance Program and Unsafe.



  1. The initial report must be filed at the Borough office in the borough where the building is located. Exception: All unsafe and amended reports must be submitted to the Local Law Enforcement Unit at 60 Hudson Street. Also all supplemental reports for cycle 4 only, must also be submitted to the Local Law Enforcement Unit at 60 Hudson Street.
  2. It is the filer's obligations to review the MIS printout and indicate the control number in the box marked "Control # for Location" on the top right hand corner of the TR 6. Reports without the control # will not be accepted by the intake coordinator.
  3. The intake coordinator must review the TR 6 for completeness. If incomplete, the report must be returned to the filer.
  4. The intake coordinator must verify the block and lot with the MIS printout, ensure that the filer has indicated the control number, check for the owner's signature and the PE or RA seal and signature on TR 6 form.
  5. A single initial filing report (not an amended report) can be used to file more than one cycle; the filer should be instructed to include previous cycles filed on a TR6 form (See TR6 Filing Status). If no previous filing was submitted, the intake coordinator must review the MIS combination printout and indicate all the outstanding cycles in the upper right hand box of the TR6.
  6. The filer must attach a copy of the BIS index, which indicates any a.k.a.(s). The intake coordinator must check the MIS printout to ensure that only one address appears on the printout and that none of the a.k.a.(s) are on the printout. If any of the a.k.a.(s) are also listed on the MIS printout a copy of the TR6 and the BIS printout should be forwarded to the Local Law Enforcement Unit for investigation and/or inspection.
  7. The DOB receiving stamp and coordinator's initials should be legible on theTR6 form, and the form should be stamped in the upper right hand corner.
  8. All reports from the borough offices must be forwarded weekly on Mondays to MIS, located at 60 Hudson Street, with transmittal sheet(s). All unsafe and amended reports received by the Local Law Enforcement Unit must be forwarded to MIS on the same day received.
  9. The reports should be grouped by filing category and a transmittal sheet attached to each batch.
  10. The borough intake coordinator must do a spot check of the monthly printout sent from MIS to the borough office against the 10/80 logbook entries (maintained in the borough office) for that month to ensure that all reports previously forwarded to MIS have been data entered and properly credited to the premises on the MIS printout.
  11. Tracking cards must be used when files are removed form the cabinet in the Borough office.
  12. A late filing of a report does not result in dismissal of the "No Report Filed" violations. But it does stop the accrual of penalties.
  13. MIS must forward, monthly, to the borough, two copies of the address and block/lot printout (one for the intake coordinator's use and one for the public's use) and one copy of the combination printout.