Operations Policy And Procedure Notices #07/98


September 24, 1998 REVISED October 22, 1998


Illuminated Signs




To provide guidelines for construction inspectors performing illuminated sign inspections.


  • Work without permit violations should not be issued for signage wording or pictorial representation changes (i.e. change of proprietor).
  • Violations should be issued for structural/size changes and any zoning infractions.
  • Violations should be issued for illuminated signs without either a current permit or some proof (i.e. Dept. of Finance receipt) that the annual fee has been paid.
  • If a location has a different number of signs than number of permits, the violation should read, for example, "Having 4 illuminated signs and only 3 permits."
  • Violation wording should be kept general (i.e. Having an illuminated sign on west facade without a current permit.) Detailed notes and drawings should be kept separate from the violation or on "yellow card" portion of violation. All changes to the signage, including wording changes and changes in size, should be noted on the OP55 (PDF).
  • A copy of the OP55 (PDF) should be forwarded to BEC if there are wording changes or if it is determined that the sign does not have a valid sign tag from BEC.